Gradient SW-S is based on the same dipole technique as the previous model SW-57 which physically also served as a stand. Each unit of the new system includes two 12" long throw custom made woofers which increases the bass capacity and extends the lower cutoff frequency to 20Hz.

The main benefit of the new system is the possibility to rotate the bass sections to direct the dipole bass radiation. This helps to obtain the most uncolored bass reproduction with minimum effects of standing waves in the listening room.

For playback one needs two pieces of SW-S units, one for each channel, an electronic crossover and two power amplifiers, one for the ESLs and another for the subwoofers. Together with the Gradient High End crossover this system will reach a new level of performance.

The units are available with ash plywood parts. Cloth options are black, brown, white or light gray. In addition to the standard finishes, Gradient SW-S may be customized with a huge variety of options. In total 20 different high quality fabrics and multiple real wood veneers allow personalized speakers for every taste. More about available custom finishes can be found here.

The height of a woofer unit is 75cm (30") with feet.