GRADIENT 1.2 speaker pair

Gradient 1.2 came on the market in 1988. Although the speaker model was in production for only two years, it was manufactured in fairly large quantities during the economically good times of the late 1980s in Finland. The 1.2 model also had time to undergo several technical changes and gradually took shape as its successor, which was already under development.

Compared to previous 1.0 and 1.1 models, Gradient 1.2 was made an easier load to the amplifier. However, the most visible difference in the 1.2  was in the metal grill of the tweeter array, where the grill is bit deeper at the middle of the tweeters. The previous tweeter element used in Gradient 1.0 and 1.1 was no longer available, so it was replaced with so called second version of the tweeter designed by Knud Thorborg for the Danish Peerless. Since the new tweeter version had a deeper cone profile, four “pits” had to be made in the protecting metal grill to avoid standing waves between the cone and the grill.

During the 88s, the midrange cone of the French Audax also changed. Gradient, together with Peerless, had developed a new improved polypropylene midrange that was taken in use also in 1.2 models. In the summer of 1989, when the new 1.3 model was already in production, a new aluminium tweeter array case was introduced for the 1.2 model. The last 1.2 models thus shared several parts with the new 1.3 model.

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THIS ITEM IS SOLD! A neat Gradient 1.2 pair for sale directly from the factory's full service. Among other things, the foam surrounds of the midrange and woofer elements have been changed. This pair has midrange drivers made by the French Audax, i.e. these are upstream 1.2 models.


- The overall look of the speakers is very neat.

- The other speaker has a dark mark on the cone of the midrange

We give a 12 - month warranty for the speakers. Speakers can be seen and listened to at the Gradient Store in Porvoo.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Manufacturing years
Frequency response
45-17 000Hz +/-2.5dB
5 ohm
Operating principle
Low frequencies: bass reflex, Midrange: open dipole, Treble: line array.
1 x 200mm woofer, 1 x 300mm midrange, 4 x 35mm tweeters.
Recommended amplifier power
Crossover frequency
250Hz and 1500Hz
Treble adjustment (products made in 1988)
Dimensions (WHD)
36 x 95 x 29cm
Made in
Make and model
Gradient 1.2