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QUAD Artera Pre

The QUAD Artera Pre is a pure analogue preamplifier, combining innovative modern British design with the QUAD sound signature traditions, characterized by the pure analogue signal. The Artera Pre mixes minimalist design with high-quality components to ensure short, direct signal paths that preserve sonic purity.

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  • Silver
  • Black
Delivery time is 2 - 4 weeks.

Dimensions (W×D×H)
320 x 320 x 105mm
Analogue inputs
3 x RCA (AUX1, 2 & 3), XLR, Phono MM/MC
Analogue outputs
1 x RCA (PRE OUT), 1 x RCA(AUX), 1 x XLR,1 x 6.35mm Headphone Jack
Standby Consumption
Less than 0.5W
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Gradient XO-AMP is an active crossover and power amplifier based on the new Hypex Ncore®-technology.

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From the transformer to the input terminals, each section of the Artera has been engineered from the ground up to ensure power, musicality and stability. The Artera Stereo produces 140 Watts RMS per channel – ample power for driving first-class loudspeakers, unfaltering even under high dynamic and transient conditions thanks to the patented Current Dumping technology. Special attention has also been paid to the newly developed balanced XLR inputs. The robust connections are yet another string to the Artera Stereo’s bow, with an incomparable signal to noise ratio.